SPECIAL OFFER: Complimentary Energy Consultation and Systems Evaluation

Our engineers will help you find ways to take advantage of utility company energy-efficiency rebates and dramatically improve your plant.
Before meeting with our engineering team, many customers never dreamed of the large plant upgrades that can be accomplished and paid for with quick ROI. Through a combination of generous utility company rebates and IMEC's high-efficiency engineering solutions, you'll realize the benefits of streamlined mechanical systems that produce huge annual power savings.

We recently completed a project that will save a long-time customer over $1,100,000 per year! 
Even if you don't think you need a new mechanical system, it's likely that we can uncover a facet of your facility's efficiency that can be improved dramatically. As an Authorized National Grid Project Expeditor, we manage the utility rebate process for you.

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  • Plant walkthrough

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  • Estimated ROI / Payback time

  • Projected utility company rebates

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